Woman Online Dating 

It takes time for woman online dating to find the Mr Right.

 I am surprised.  I figured it would just take a few weeks to meet a nice man, and a few months to make a commitment. I was wrong. It is just so daunting. For most of us woman , we had long relationships, may be a marriage and now we are a widow or we are divorced, or caring for older parents, and lots of us have been  raising children.

I am a widow and I am dating again and again and again.

It also takes a lot of courage to venture out into the internet dating. When we, the baby boomers first dated, there was no internet. You met, fell in love, and got married. Sometimes you had sex before the marriage, lots of times you did not. We where so worried to get pregnant, the pill was not available.
So how hard can it be for woman online dating to find the Mr Right?
I mean, I know what I want.  Just a nice guy, we will laugh together, go shopping together, even so he hates shopping. But for a woman it is just sooooo nice to go shopping with your man. Hold his hand, be a couple in love.

 I am just looking for a nice guy,

just a nice guy

 we will cook together, having a meal together, a glass of wine, and of course having a cuddle. Every body that is looking for a woman online is looking for a cuddle. Yes it is nice; to have a hug. Who does not want a hug. 
I just want a relationship with a guy, one who respects me and finds me sexy, is not concerned a bit about me being a few pound heavier than I was as a teenager,( Oh yeah, he does not look like Hugh Jackman )
I know us woman online dating are outnumbered by millions of guy’s, but  we only want one

we don’t need millions. My advice is, spend time reading the profiles and select a few that you like most and contact them. Don’t contact too many, just go with a few in the beginning. Follow up, and even if you don’t get a response, follow up again. They may not be a member just jet and have to pay the membership before they can get back to you.
When emailing for woman online dating it be can fun. So be honest, because it is just like meeting for the first time in real life. Don’t overwhelm with too much information, and don’t tell too much about your past and financial situation or where you live. May be go for man living in your area, it is very hard to start a relationship if the man is living very far away. You have to drive for hours and hours, not much fun I am telling you. Jet so many woman online dating

                             Having Lots of Fun.  

What do we do and  what do we know about transmitted disease?  How easy is it, to undress in front of your romantic partner? It is not. So many women write to me about that topic, (transmitted disease and how difficult it is to undress)
When you date as a baby boomer you also meet some older gentleman. How to approach the sex part of it, what do you say?  Do they still want to have sex, or are they just happy with a cuddle. I mean a cuddle. Let’s face it, not every body likes sex, be it a man or a woman.

 Take the plunge und have the fun and excitement you had in your teenage year’s .You may be surprised at the possibilities in woman online dating. We baby boomers also have to compete with younger woman, but so many 30 something Girls like a lot of action. Many gentleman prefer women who have been there done that.

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