What are Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964.

What are baby boomers? There is a debate to include those born 1945 as a baby boomer.

 Suits me, I was born 1945 and I always though I am a baby boomer.
There was a big boom in babies born after WWII. There are millions of baby boomers worldwide. In Australia alone we have some 200.000 of the ones born in 1946.

We changed the economy, we go on holiday, where, everywhere. A trip to Alaska, or Canada, travelling around Europe and America.

What are Baby Boomers Spending Their Money On?

As well as going on a cruise. What are baby boomers  buying? Expensive cars and we do like SUVs. When our parents retired, they did nothing, just waited to die. But what are the baby boomers doing when they retire? We get a face lift, teeth replacement, hip replacement, knee replacement and go on holiday. We do spend money on a motor home. We down sizing, selling the family home and buying a motor home. Those are called the grey nomads. You see them drive every where. They just drive and drive. In winter they go up north, where the weather is warmer and never come home. Like my friends Sue and Steve, they sold their big house, (they still have a little unit they call home) they spent $200,000 on a motor home and a little car is hooked on the back of the motor home. Now they are on the road all the time and loving it. With their travel website they stay in contact with friends and kids.

Baby boomers are having a big impact on society. Bill Gates is a boomer, so is Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Al Gore is a boomer, Sarah Palin is a boomer. George Bush is a boomer, Madonna is a boomer, Bruce Springsteen is a boomer.

We the boomers can relate to the assassination of President Kennedy, we love the Beatles Rock Music and Elvis.
Most of us tried illegal drugs, but not many became regular users. We got told smoking is super chic and not harmful what so ever. Well may be it was than, it was pure tobacco not all the chemicals in the cigarettes we have now.

What are baby boomers doing now? We worked hard, got married and have a mortgage. Now we want to retire. Well it sounds great, but lots of us can’t survive on a pension, so its back to work for lots of the baby boomers.” All you need is love “is not enough.

The next 20 years we also will have some real health problems. Mostly dementia. Alzheimer’s almost doubles every 5 years after the age of 65. More woman than men will be affected.

We, the baby boomers, set records in just about everything in the economy, but we also struggled. We did not start saving early enough and wished we had.
So in our retirement we cut back on work, we just have a little part time job, we play more lawn bowls and golf. To stop working all together means we are old and we don’t want to be old.



People born before 1945 : The silent Generation

Baby Boomers :1945-1961

Generation X :1962-1976

Generation Y:1977-1989

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