Soulmate Signs 

How do you know what are soulmate signs?

Do you believe soul mates exist? Well, if your answer is “ Yes” How than will you know, how can you tell when you meet him/her. Are you prepared to wait your whole life for your soul mate? Is there just one soul mate for you, or are there many to choose from? It sure is frightened to think if there is only one for you. If the concept, just one soul mate for everybody was true, what is the possibility to meet in your lifetime. Once you become a widow, does that mean it’s over for you to find another soul mate? I do strongly believe there are numerous potentional soulmates out there for each of us.

Love at first first sight

 may be a soul mate sign. 
You feel like you have known this person for ever. The person will open your heart without any effort
You just click.
I am sure that has happen to you lots of times. You meet and just click.
It is an amazing feeling the immediate attraction and oh boy is there chemistry.
Other soul mate signs are that you seem to know what each of you means. Even if you just have met, you deeply understand each other. Most often you find a soul mate signs in the eyes; you are pulled in with what you can see in the other person’s eyes. Very often it also is the voice. I am sure, you sometimes tell yourself, I don’t like his/hers voice. You are absolutely right; the voice gives you a good or bad feeling.
With soul mate signs there is a

Feeling a sense of déjavu

 that you met before. May be you also had a dream about your soul mate. Of course your soul mate is not perfect, so don’t expect that. Is love perfect? No, love never is perfect, you have to wok at it. When you first meet your soul mate, you just know you would be together. You have this feeling that this relationship was predestined. You must not force a feeling, if you do that person is not your soul mate. When you recognise the soul mate signs, you feel like you have come home. Sometimes it happening, you think you have met your soul mate, but than things go wrong and you know, it was a mistake it is not the soul mate you like to have. There is always the possibility you may never meet or find your soul mate.
As with any partnership you will have to work at it. It will not just be there, it will develop slowly. Even so you are soul mates; you still two separate people to work at the relation ship. May be you should be satisfied with the partner you have the partner how supports you, shares your life with you, accepts you for who you are, enjoys your company; it may be even your soul mate. Be happy with yourself, be positive, and enjoy life.

                                          It will happen

 to find the soul mate, don’t worry, and don’t make yourself miserable with worrying,

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