Online Dating Tips for Seniors

Online dating is more poplar than ever. My online dating tips for seniors  
include the following...

  • Do a quick search online. You will find millions of web pages to choose from.
  • This can be overwhelming, if it is the first time for you, and you never tried online dating before.
  • Let’s narrow the search to Australia. Or whatever country you are in.
  • There are also many sites they specialise, for
    Senior, Christians, Jewish, Asian, Gay Indians, and many others.
  • There are risqué sites, where you can meet couples or swingers and so on.
  • My suggestion is to get a membership for a month.
online dating tips

Most sites are free to join. Have a good look around if that site is right for you and has the type of people you are looking for. After a month, may be you like to extend your membership.

There are sites that charge you by contact, while others charge a monthly fee.

My dating Tips for Seniors..

When you find the person you like, and no longer need the service of the dating site, make sure to cancel your membership, otherwise you will be charged each month.

The most important dating tips, after joining, provide a profile.
And please tell the truth about yourself.
Please don’t lie about your age, like many women tend to do, and than when they meet somebody they have to come clean. But lots of times it is too late.

If you lie about your age what else have you been lying about,
I have so many men complaining about that.
You are on a seniors dating site, so you expect older, or mature people to be there.

Another dating tip for seniors is.


A photo is worth a thousand words.

The response is just so much better with a photo on your profile.
There are digital cameras and there are cameras on you phone.
Anther online dating tip, it is very important to have a photo from, you
How you look now, not an old photo, 20 years ago, when you where slim
And young, and had hair and no grey hair either.
You want to meet that person you like, and have a relationship with him or her.

So, be yourself. 


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