First Date Advice


            When you are dating over 50

So now it comes to the First Date Advice.

 It is not easy, going on a date , when you are over 50 and have been in a marriage for 30 odd years. I was very, very nervous.

 But believe me, I have been  talking to many man, they are just as nervous as you are.

Than came  the question what should I wear?


I wish I had put a colour through my hair

, so no grey is showing.


. I wished I had lost those 3 kilos I wanted to loose this month.

Am I prepared for the big night? I would have loved to get some advice  on how to handle the date.  May be it is a disappointment when I finally meet this man. I mean I like his voice (that is a big turn on or off to lots of people) and we had great conversations on the phone the last month, but. And here is the big but; do we like each other in person? So when it comes to the first date , make sure about the location you are going to meet.
Somewhere secure, after all, this is a man you don’t know much about, only what he told you. My first date advice,  Never let him pick you up from home. Go in your own car. Firstly, he does not need to know where you live, it is too early in the relationship, secondly, you than can leave when you want. You never know, he may be not so nice, or he is coming on to you too strong.

 Those are just a few  tips are just for your own safety.

If you are going to a restaurant and he invited and you accepted, it’s Ok.
Otherwise, my first date advice is to pay and go Dutch. What going Dutch means is,
Each is paying for their own, food and wine. That is great, if you not having any wine or beer and your date is drinking one after the other, you don’t want to pay for all the alcohol he is consuming.
One first date advice is, Turn your phone off. That is very important, when you pick up the phone and talk to a person, in front of your date. It is very rude, plus he thinks.
That person on the phone is more important than him. He does not want to be second best, waiting until you finished your phone conversation.
Just think about the situation, you sitting arm in arm, he is about to give you the first kiss and your phone goes off. That will really turn him off. If you are unlucky he will just wake away.
 It is very nice to give your date a little compliment. I do like compliments very much.  I am sure there is something you can compliment him on. May be, this is a nice shirt, or I like your watch, or great Restaurant, great choice you made, I like it.

          And smile, and smile at him,

 you also can flirt a bit with him, but don’t fiddle with your hair, don’t get the mirror out to see if your make up is ok. Don’t spray on your perfume in front off him.
Other one of my first date advice, do not drink too much. Do yourself a favour and stay sober. It is not only embarrassing to the guy, but it also can be dangerous.
In an alcohol haze people say and do things they would normally not do.
It is not very attractive to watch somebody, halve boozed, staggering on your high heel shoes, holding on to him , trying to walk to the car.

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