Find Soul Mate

To find soul mate goes back to the belief in reincarnation.

Sometime you meet some one for the first time and it feels like you have known them forever.
It feels like a déjà vu. (the feeling of having experienced something before).     

It is very exciting when it happens to you.

You look at this person, or talk to that person, and you know in you heart you have met before, and you also know about that person, what he/she likes, dislike and many other things.

Lots of research has been done about reincarnation and how to find your soul mate, this research also covers subjects such as lost souls and past lives but so far there is no proof that we live more than once

There is the belief that we have more than one life and we, our soul comes backumerous times.  The belief also is, what comes around goes around, like an eye for an eye. 

Here is something very interesting, loving and to find a mate is very difficult, it’s like loving yourself, our the other halve of you, because that’s what a soul mate is.

May be it is easier to love somebody with good karma.

Many many” souls” I mean many many people looking for love on the net, also looking for their soul mate. People use the word soul mate, meaning they are so madly in love, they feel that is the love of their life. 

All love is holy and sacred, no matter if you belief in reincarnation or not.  Well nobody can prove or disprove any of those beliefs and who can say that the great love of your life is your soul mate.

There are so many beautiful love stories around with finding soul mate nobody can explain is it for real or not.

The reincarnation and finding soul mate nobody can prove or disprove, is it true or not. Nobody can explain, love at first sight, but it is magical when it happens to you. 

Relationship are most challenging, mysterious and magical. Falling in love, to find soul mate is the most beautiful feeling it is a connection so strong and complex. You feel you never ever truly loved anyone before. Find soul mate, you have been given a gift and you will be thankful for ever.

Not everybody will find  soul mate, but most of us are always looking and hoping. It is rewarding, having find soul mate, you look at life around you and find it beautiful, having bonded with that person, brings you a peace and calmness, and you will be full of happiness.
There are stories, that people under hypnosis recite details about the past life or life’s they had and when it was researched it was proven to be correct. There are so many fascinating stories some are just so unbelievable and it has to be researched.

My very dear friend Harvey lost his soul mate. He will love her forever and she never will be forgotten. As truly soul mates, they complimented each other; worked together she was his beautiful soul mate, with red curly hair and a bounce in her step. . One was finishing the others sentences .They where thinking the same and had great joy and love for each other. There will never be another soul mate for my friend.

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