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The best dating advice for woman is to
Write your profile before you go online. Have it ready, think about what you want to write, and only than, once you have your profile done, go online and become a member. That is the best dating advise for woman I can give you. Take some time to write it well.

Mistake woman make in Dating # 1 Write your profile before signing up.

It is like writing a resume for a job. You put a lot of thoughts into writing your resume to make it look great.  So the same applies to writing a profile for a dating site that is my best dating advise for woman. Make it look great. You want to have the best profile there is. Better than all the others. You want people to fall in love with you, just reading your profile. You want to stand out.
Don’t be shy to promote yourself .
May be there are a few things about you, you are not aware of, but your friends will tell you.   It is a fact, we see our self very different than other people do.  Do not write any negative things about yourself. Like, if you are a widow, you think about your late husband everyday, or your ex ripped you off. My dating advise for woman, the negative things do not look good in a profile they don’t belong there.

Mistake woman make in Dating #2 Talking about negative stuff.

My dating advice for woman, make it a bit of fun, talk about the good sides you have. You can be a bit cheeky, flirt online. List a few things you like, your hobbies, what food you like, movies and literature. Also talk about the things you would like doing together with your future partner.

Mistake woman make in dating # 3 not talking about the good sites they have.

The biggest mistake woman make, is taking a few years off the actual age, lying about your age. Well, so Ok you don’t look your age and you feel much younger than you are. You are fit and healthy. But if you do take a few years of, it will bite you later. I hear from many men it is a big turn off to them when woman pretend to be younger than they are. .
 I have many men telling me, this woman is lying about her age, what else is she lying about. Fair comment, don’t you think. So why do you do that, I mean are you on line to catch a younger man?  Is this your intension?
Because, in the end it will come out and bite you if you give a wrong age.

Mistake woman make in dating # 4 Don't lie  about your age

 May be before you get your profile up, have a look at other members. What do they write about and what sounds great. That gives you a bit of an idea.

Mistake woman make in Dating # 5 A picture of you taken many years ago

Download a picture of you from recent times. A few month or even years do not matter. But do not post a picture of you from your primetime. You may think you have not changed much, but believe me, you have. Just look through pictures from friends you will find you don’t even recognise your friends from 10 or 20 years ago.
If you don’t have a recent picture, ask a friend or neighbour, or what I did, ask your local Chemist to take a nice picture you. If your picture is too sexy, you attract the wrong man.


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