Dating Advice for Man

 Dating Advice for Man.
Just think about what your mother told you many years ago.
It is still the same; the dating advice for man, it was like that 30 or 40 years ago.

You mother probably told you.

Give your shoes a quick shine, before you go to meet your lady.
As well as, may be a hair cut a few days before the date. Years ago you most likely had long hair and a full head of hair. Now, may be it is a bit thinner, or next to nothing. Never mind, it is good to have a haircut before your date. It just looks nice, clean and tidy.

What about your nails? Are the OK, clean and short?
Years ago you needed a tie when going on a date, these days, don’t worry about a tie. A nice shirt will do. A real nice one. Not the one you got from your Hawaiian Holiday. Unless you are dating in Hawaii, than it is quite Ok for that shirt.

My recommendation ,

the day or days before your date,
Don’t eat any garlic or any thing with lot of garlic in it. The garlic will still linger in your breath the next day or so and no brushing teeth or gargling or sucking a minty will get rid of the garlic smell on your breath.
If you not used to using a cologne, (many man don’t) how abbot just splashing a bit of your after shave on, just a bit. Please don’t over do it. 

  My Dating Advice for man please turn your phone off. Nothing is worse for your date, you, answering your phone and talking about nothing issues. That is a real turn off for most women. Because than means, it is more important for you to talk, than having all the attention on your date.
If you really need to check your phone, go to the bathroom to do so.
Another thing I like to mention as a dating advice for man.

This is regarding your profile, just a few words now; I will have another page for you  to help and advice you on writing a profile. And believe me, the profile man write Is very much different than the one the lady writes.
I tell you later why and how.

So for now we only talk about your picture. May be you, like many other man do not have a current photo about you, only a photo you and other people, mostly your grandkids.
 It has happened to me many many times. The only time somebody took a picture of me was with my grandkids.

Please, that is  a big no no , downloading that picture with your grandkids on the dating site.

The dating site is not the place to show a picture of your grandkids.

Yes, I realise, that is the only (nice) picture you have of yourself.
 I have the solution.
There is a company on the net called pic monkey (it is free) go there and
download the picture of you with your grandson/daughter and crop it, so than you have a picture just you.
You know, since I have been dating as a baby boomer and dating over 50, I have many man and woman telling me they have problems with the internet. I can understand we, the baby boomer generation, have very little to do with computers.
 When we need to know about it we have to ask our grandkids, sometimes as young as 11 years old, they do know more about computers than we do. Mine certainly do.

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