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Dating Advice for Man

Dating Advice for man

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First Date Advice

First Date Advice

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Dating Advise for Woman

My Dating Advise for Woman,make it a bit of fun

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Soulmate Signs

what are soulmate signs

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Woman Online Dating Baby Boomers

Woman online dating. It takes a lot of courage tom venture out into the internet datin.

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To find soul mate online

To find soul mate goes back to the belief in reincarnation

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Love costs a fortune

Love costs a fortune.Many Australians looking for love on line have been scammed. Many, many scammers will work at dating sites. First they will develop a strong rapport and later ask for money. The excuse is, it is needed for illness or injury or disaster.

Those scams are run by experts and they do whatever it takes to get your money. Australia wide a massive 53 million has been lost , taken from lonely hearts. Many more have been scammed but never reported, because of shame. If it has happen to you, Please do tell and report to the ACCC the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's scam watch. More about safe dating practices on the ACC website

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What are baby boomers

what are baby boomers Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964

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Online Dating Tips for Seniors

The first for online dating tips is a photo or two, with a lovely smile. Make your profile fun and lively.

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Love Date Baby Boomers

Looking to find love as a mature man or lady. Love Date Baby Boomers is here to help you navigate your way through the online dating world.

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Retirement of Baby Boomers at Risk

The retirement of many baby boomers is at risk due to current market conditions. Yields for stocks have dropped, as have returns on cash and property.

Are you financially ready for retirement?

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Police Stop Woman from Flying to Africa to meet Online Fraudster

An Australia woman was prevented from boarding a flight to Africa to meet an online fraudster, claiming to love the woman while defrauding her of $75,000.

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Martha Stewart on Online Dating, Sexting and more..

In a recent interview Martha Stewart has admitted to having a one night stand, sexting, and perhaps even a threesome.

Who thought 71 year olds were meek and mild?

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