About me

Hi, my name is Uschi
It is really Ursula. But since I was a little girl I was called Uschi.

I came to Australia from Germany, over 30 years ago, and I love it here in Australia..

Before my feet touched the ground

I fell in love with Australia On approaching Melbourne, I looked out of the window, and saw the beautiful red earth, that’s when I fell in love with Australia.

I left Germany in my late twenties.

I wanted to travel and to see the world

. It was just very expensive to travel, so I worked my way around the world.  For me, a hairdresser by trade, it was very easy to get a job wherever I went. First I went to Switzerland. I spend the summer season in St Moritz, and the winter season in Davos. I learned to ski, and I just loved it.  I had the opportunity to work on a Cruise Liner. I flew to new York to go on to the ship. We sailed from New York to Nassau and  sometimes to Miami and Haiti. That was just so much fun to work and get to see those places.

After spending  some time in New York,( what a great city) .I wanted to see a bit more in America. I had the opportunity to get a job in Cheyenne Wyoming ,working  as hair dresser . 
When I moved on, my destination was Africa, Salisbury Harare.
What a beautiful beautiful country I loved it very much and stayed for 3 years.
After Mugabe got elected, it was not so beautiful any longer.

All the times, when I was travelling and living overseas, I went back home to Germany over the Christmas break, to spend time with my family and I also spend a few week in Switzerland to ski. That’s where I met my husband Steve on the slopes, the love of my life.
We where happily married, bringing up kids, working and life was good.
I have 3 step children and by now 7 step grandchildren.

 After my husband died 
I moved to the Mornington Peninsula, South of Melbourne just an hour from Melbourne. We call it “Melbourne’s Mediterranean Coastline “
All my stepchildren and grand children live near by.

But still
I find it very lonely living by myself.
I joined a dating site, had a few dates, but have not found my partner, soul mate jet.

 My passion is, with this website, to give advice and help on dating sites not just for baby boomers.

I wanted to learn how to build a website, me building a website with no programming skills on knowledge about web design…………………Ya right.
Some how I stumbled across SBI, it stands for Solo Build It!
And here I got all the help to turn my passion into a viable online business.
So you see. You probably heard it before.
If I can do it, so can you


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